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Flood Relief Support


If you live within one of the following zip codes that were affected by flooding in NE in 2019, we may be able to help: (68064, 68007, 68022, 68069, 68028, 68059, 68046, 68133, 68123, 68113, 68005). 

As part of our services, we help households through hardship assistance. We have been awarded some grant funds to assist with lingering needs related to the flooding in your area in 2019. The potential allowable expenses related to this funding are things like: rent, mortgage, and utility payment assistance, home repair, re-building supplies, mold removal, and transportation. Please note, home repair refers to any work that returns the property to its pre-disaster state. Transportation expenses include car payments, car repair and maintenance, car insurance, or motor vehicle registration.

In order to be considered for financial assistance, you must be able to provide requested documentation, AND meet the following criteria:

                  1. Reside in one of the zip codes identified above.
                  2. Damage to property has not already been paid for by FEMA or insurance
                      (DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED)    
                  3. Annual income at or below the amount indicated on the chart below.

Number of persons in the household               Annual Income (12 months)

1 ---------------------------------------------------------------$25,760

2 ---------------------------------------------------------------$34,840

3 ---------------------------------------------------------------$43,920

4 ---------------------------------------------------------------$46,375

5 ---------------------------------------------------------------$54,320

6 ---------------------------------------------------------------$62,265

While this process can seem daunting, we want to partner with you and work through the process with you so that you can get the support you may need. Please call us to determine your eligibility, and get the process started as soon as possible, as it does take time to process applications.

Please contact our Support Services Specialist, Dakota, Monday – Friday 9AM-2PM, at: (402) 453-5656 ext. 214, or e-mail: [email protected] Calls will be responded to in the order that they are received. This information is not a guarantee of hardship assistance; ENCAP will determine your eligibility based only on proof of the items listed above.


1. Flood Relief Attestation - should be completed for everyone who has not received or was not eligible to receive assistance from FEMA or private insurance for the same costs they're seeking assistance for at ENCAP. This is the documentation required for eligibility. 

2. Post Disaster Needs Assessment  - should be completed by everyone to verify financial hardship as a direct result of the floods.​​

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